The Contract Design Pattern Library is a collection of solution patterns, that can be used while creating contracts to make them clearer, more navigable, and more usable.

This is a resource for lawyers, business-people, and others interested in making more usable and comprehensible contracts. We are a team of lawyers and designers, working to systematize good practices in creating effective contracts, that work not only for lawyers but also for other professionals and laypeople who need to understand and use these contracts.

This website is an early stage prototype of the library, so we have a limited number of patterns. We invite your feedback and contributions, to improve this resource.

contract design pattern library

See best practices and inspiration that you can use to make your contracts more effective and user-friendly, by exploring our Design Patterns for better composition, text, and visualization within your contracts, and for process-steps to use when negotiating, crafting, and implementing it.

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Do you have an idea for a pattern to be included in our pattern design library? Tell us about it and we will be in touch!